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Indian hygiene is the science of life itself. It helps with the prevention and rapid healing of maladies and in addition it also beautifies. If the balance of our constitution is upset, our body generally signals this by getting sick. An essential part of our ayurveda detoxifying methods, as well as our rejuvenating regimes comprises massage treatments, such as abhyanga, thalodal, shirodhara, or the udwarthanam figure-shaping massage.

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Medical check-up

The success of our health care programmes compiled by experts depends largely on the fact that everyone receives treatment appropriate to their constitution and physical endowments. The various medical check-ups provide help with this (Biofit test), during which a comprehensive picture of the full condition of the body can be obtained. The experience of our three permanent specialists provides a guarantee for all our guests.

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The 10 day Buchinger and Lützner type juice fast is a low-calorie liquids diet, the purpose of which is to detox the body. Following the preliminary medical examination, participants receive constant professional supervision and help. Besides lectures aiding the development and establishment of a healthy lifestyle, the effectiveness of the regime is promoted by special massages, detoxifying body treatments and   phototherapy to strengthen the immune system.


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Hévíz therapy course

The Hévíz therapy course has a complex effect, in which the temperature and chemical composition of the water, the mud, the air, radiation and the climate all have a precisely defined role. Before taking advantage of the course, a medical examination is required in every case. The basis of the effectual therapy course comprises water treatment and traditional therapies (electrotherapy, manual therapy and physiotherapy.)

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Everyday life is hindered by hay fever, allergic conjunctivitis, asthma or nettle rash. Under the influence of treatments in the Sensolite light bed, the critical period can become shorter and more easily bearable, in fact, symptoms may cease completely in certain cases.  In the interest of effectiveness, it is suggested that the phototherapy be used in a course of treatment, for which our specialists will make a recommendation.

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Special diets

Our hotel dietician provides personally tailored meals and dietary advice both for those wishing to lose weight, as well as those struggling with some health problem. The 1000 calorie regime really is a slimming diet, where the amount of energy taken in is maximalised. In a scheme compiled with the help of our diet manager, room can also be found for various weight-reduction and detox treatments, which it is worthwhile supplementing with relaxation.


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Cleansing diets    
Besides renewing the internal organs, our personally tailored cleansing diets also enable you to fight the flab more easily.  The alkaline diet and the treatments offer a complex solution. As a result of the cleansing diets, often involving abstinence and effort but bestowing energy, the body is refreshed and becomes more shapely, the skin becomes firmer and fresher, and the vitality thus gained makes life easier.

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